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Lawn Care Tips From a Quality Landscaper

Winter Landscape Maintenance & Lawn Care Suggestions

Nothing would be nicer than being able to curl up by a warm fire and stay inside now that we are in winter. The exterior landscaping must still be maintained over the winter, though. If you want things to be simpler for you when spring arrives, a lot of work needs to be finished. Here are some lawn maintenance suggestions from a quality landscaper throughout the winter to ensure that your plants and grass thrive well in the spring.

Keep Your Yard Clear

One of the most important aspects of winter lawn care is simply keeping your yard clean. If you still need to remove all your leaves from your lawn, move quickly. The grass beneath leaves will eventually die if they are permitted to remain on top of it all winter.

Mulching Always Helps

You can give your yard much more protection against the winter elements by laying down a layer of mulch. By doing so, water loss is reduced, and erosion is controlled. You should use around two inches of mulch, which will aid in controlling the soil’s temperature near the roots of your plants.

Keep Young Trees Protected

Animals might occasionally pose a threat to your young trees. To keep those animals away, use wire mesh to fence your trees. Animals will only be able to chew on the bark of your trees for a short time in this method.

Make Sure You Prune Your Plants

Even though winter isn’t generally considered a season for landscaping, it’s the ideal time to prune your plants. Pruning is the same as creating a wound on your plant; you want to give your plants time to recover from their injuries. Due to less stress on your plants during this season, winter becomes the best period for recovery. They recover faster as a result of this.

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