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Different Types of Biennial Flowers Recommended by Affordable Landscapers

Biennial Flowers to Grown in Your Yard

Biennials only live for two years and flower in their second year. They concentrate on growing lush foliage and strong roots during their first season. The real show begins in their second year when your patience is rewarded with a flurry of flowers. Then they perish. Biennials, on the other hand, frequently reseed themselves for a bigger show in subsequent years. Some are so dependable that they are misidentified as perennials, which can live for many years and are highly recommended by affordable landscapers.

Foxglove (Digitalis)

Although there is a perennial foxglove, the majority of foxgloves are biennial. Even in their first year, the plants are fairly large, with long, rough, but not unattractive, leaves. The flower stalks can grow up to 5 feet tall depending on the variety, with dangling trumpet-shaped flowers that attract a variety of bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds to your garden. Flowers with speckled throats are available in yellow, pink, and purple. Foxglove grows best in full sun to partial shade.

Honesty (Lunaria Annua)

This plant is popular among butterflies and children. The mid-season clusters of purple flowers are lovely, but it’s the “silver dollar” seed pod that distinguishes these plants and gives them their common name, the Money Plant. The seed pods can be dried and stored easily. In partial shade and moist soil, Honesty can grow to be two to three feet tall.

Stock (Matthiola)

Many flowers promise fragrance, but stock delivers a strong, spicy scent. These are early bloomers who prefer cool spring temperatures as well as full sunlight. There are numerous color options available, including white, pink, lavender, yellow, and deep reds. The plants don’t grow very tall and make good edging plants.

Sweet William (Dianthus Barbatus)

Sweet William belongs to the carnation family, as evidenced by the spicy clove scent. With grass-like, low-growing foliage and flattened dome flower heads, this is a neat plant. The velvety flowers come in a variety of colors, including reds, pinks, purples, and bi-colors. If you keep them deadheaded, they will bloom again in late spring and early summer. Sweet William grows best in full sun and attracts butterflies to your garden.

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